Questions and Answers: Interior Decorating

We have just bought our dream home! Now what?

We would recommend starting with a consultation. We will discuss with you what your goals are and what your vision of living in your home is. From there we come up with a design, strategy, timeline, and budget based on what you have told us. The end result will truly be your Dream Home. Let's start now!

We are in the midst of building a house but are so overwhelmed with all the details and decisions that have to be made. Can you help us?

Yes! We understand that this process can be overwhelming for many people. We can help. The details are what we are all about! Once we have discussed with you your taste and how you like to live, we can get started right away to answer all the questions your builder has and also prepare you for your move–in day – everything from a furniture plan, to getting your curtains hung and accessorizing. We can make this transition easy for you and your family.

I don't know if I can afford an Interior Designer? What do you suggest?

We sometimes find that we get called in to help decorate a home where the home owner has already made furniture purchases or has painted and is still not happy with the results. Most clients feel relieved to have us come in at the beginning. We establish a design and then proceed to put it into action. This can save the home owner from further purchases and wasting their money. We also discuss a timeline with clients. We can do the whole house at once or address certain areas in stages. We can work at your pace and as budget allows. Sometimes Re–Design is a great option for those with limited budgets but are longing to create a more comfortable and inviting feel to their homes using the furniture and accessories they already have. We are comfortable working within almost any budget, so feel free to give us a call and we can talk about the Interior Design options that are available.

I have just bought a new home and we only plan to stay a few years. How do I decide what projects to take on now that will add value when we are ready to sell?

It is best to begin with an Interior Design consultation, with an eye to those aspects which are known to add maximum value. Once we have outlined where the problem areas are and the repairs that need to be made, we also discuss with you how you want to live in the home in the meantime and what your priorities are. We will work with you to come up with a schedule that reflects your needs, your budget, and your timeline. We can arrange trades and oversee the work so that you are free to continue on with your busy life!

I need some new furniture and I don't know how to incorporate new things with the furniture I already own. What do you suggest?

Your home should be decorated to reflect who you are and how you live, in a way that feels natural and in good taste. We are very experienced with combining new and old in harmonious ways. We look for unifying details in carvings, wood stains, or similar textures or scale. Even if the connection between the new and old isn't obvious, we can still make the design work through the use of accessories and paint colour. We want your home to be interesting and inviting!

Are you available for colour consultations?

Yes! We love helping to rejuvenate a home through the use of colour. We can conduct a colour consultation for one room or several rooms in your house. Whether you are colour–conservative or adventurous, we can work with you to design a look that matches your lifestyle.

I feel my house is too cluttered. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely! We first discuss with you how your home makes you feel and what you think the main problem areas are. After looking at how you use the rooms, we can make definite suggestions on how to reduce clutter and how to make the spaces of your house feel bigger. In some cases it is advisable to create storage systems which will enable you to maintain the rooms of your home more easily. We will also do the de–cluttering for you once we define what you prefer to keep, what should be stored away, and what can be sold or donated. Let us help you re–discover your home all over again!

Do you have regular trades people that you work with, or would I have to arrange my own?

We have a team of people we frequently work with and can schedule them based on your timings, and on what specifically needs to be done in your house. Our trades are familiar with how we work and are skilled at making our designs come to life. We are experienced at project management and can oversee almost any size project, big or small!

Do you have any references?

Great references! Check out what our clients have had to say on our testimonials page.