Questions and Answers: Organizing

Who uses your organizing service?

People with busy lives who don't have the time or interest in organizing their home but who having it beautifully organized. We enjoy helping.

We have clients who call us in seasonally or yearly to get their home back in order. Closets and kitchens are a popular focus.

People who are moving into a new home, and don't have the time to do all the unpacking and setting up of their new home, or who don't have a flair for decorating. Doing it alone can be overwhelming. With help, the process can be enjoyable.

We can also help people downsizing to smaller homes, apartments, condos, and senior citizen homes.

We have lots of repeat clients. That is how our business has grown so quickly with satisfied client's referring us. Please check our testimonial page.

My house is a mess and I am embarrassed to ask for help. Any advice?

No worries, we have seen it all. It is a simple fact that we all have our strengths and not everyone likes organizing and beautifying homes…but we do! We all need help with certain things in our lives, and your need gives us work. We know and appreciate that.

How long does it take?

That depends on the scope of the work.

Will I need to be available to help you?

It is good if you can work with us to do the initial sorting of personal items. You will know what needs to be kept and what can be given away. If you are totally ready to trust our judgement, then you can go on with your busy life and we will take care of everything.