before and after pictures from the decorating collection
Interior decorating gallery

Not sure where to begin, or how to make each room in your home more beautiful? We would love to help you with your design and decorating needs. First Impressions offers a range of services to fit most budgets. Take a look at some of our before-and-after photos from past decorating and design projects.

after pictures from the interior decorating collection
Re-design and organizing gallery

See some of our stunning ‘afters’ and get a little inspiration.


before and after pictures from the home staging collection
Home staging gallery

Home staging can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a living space. Those who are selling their homes in today's market can benefit from an experienced and objective eye to help them maximize the return on their investment. Check out these before and after pictures to see what we mean!

before and after pictures from the re-design and organizing collection
Re-design and organizing gallery

Re-designing a space can be the solution to your decorating problem! Sometimes our budget or time crunch doesn't allow for a whole renovation project, but re-designing with what you already have or organizing a space can make a big difference in how we enjoy our home.
And don't worry…we've seen it all!