Tips for Staging Your Home

I am thinking of selling my home. What do you advise?

  • 1Seek professional advice.
    You are about to sell one of your biggest investments and this is not the time to let emotions rule. Getting good advice and having someone stage your home will make you money.
    “63% of buyers were willing to pay more money for a house that is move–in ready.” Maritz Research Staging Polls
  • 2Trust someone with a proven track record at getting properties sold fast and for top dollar. Our properties typically sell in less then a week and for more money than comparable, un-staged homes. Even the un-staged homes that were on the market and wouldn't sell, once we staged them they typically sold in less than a week.
  • 3Do not make any changes until you talk to a stager about what changes will add the most value. Sometimes homeowners are spending money on things that are not even necessary. We will help you build a plan that maximizes impact while minimizing cost.
  • 4Spending money on staging can save you money.
    Homes that are not staged often sit longer on the market dropping in value as buyers lose interest and assume something must be wrong with the home.
    “Homes not staged took, on average, 175 days to sell.”
    (Based on a survey.)
    Our homes usually sell within the first week on the market.

Un-staged homes often require price reductions as listings grow cold. Prices are often reduced by $10-$20,000. Staging usually costs less than that, and adds value. There is also a huge emotional cost in the stress of having a home on the market for a long period of time.

Things to keep in mind:

  • 1Attitude
    Try to view your home as a product. How will potential buyers view that product? By adopting an un–biased perspective you will be better able to spot areas of your home that need improvement. Home Stagers can see the house without the emotional attachment and they know from experience what changes will help sell your home. Remember, homes are purchased based on the buyers' emotional response, and the ease with which they can visualize themselves living there.
  • 2Address your storage spaces
    Minimize the amount of items you keep in your clothes closets, linen closets, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, etc. Ensure floors are clear, surfaces are neat, and bookshelves are in order. You will want to de–clutter all areas which potential home buyers may be looking at. Show off your home's space and how well your home is cared for. Buyers are willing to pay more for space and a well maintained home.
  • 3De-personalize
    Remove all personal photos, trophies, and family mementos. You want to create an environment which will allow potential home buyers to imagine themselves living there. Personal items will only serve as a distraction to viewers.
  • 4Cleaning
    Make sure your home is thoroughly and impeccably clean. Don't forget bathrooms, kitchen, windows, and carpets when necessary. Dusting is very important especially where pets are present. If you don't have the time to commit to a thorough job, hire a professional or allow us to arrange that for you. It is well worth the cost to have your beautifully-staged home in peak condition!
  • 5Repairs
    During our consultation we will point out areas that are worth spending time and money on. Things like painting, dripping taps, broken tiles, etc. These things can be a turn-off to viewers as they wonder what other things have been neglected in the home. Studies have shown that potential buyers develop an attitude toward your house within fifteen seconds. That attitude is reinforced by everything else they encounter. We will help your home make a fabulous first impression!
  • 6Odours
    Pay attention to how your house smells: Pets, cooking, smoking, etc. Try opening the windows for 10 minutes a day to freshen the rooms.
  • 7Small touches
    The brighter your home is, the better! Use the highest wattage possible in all lights and lamps, and open the blinds and curtains where there are suitable views.
  • 8Exteriors
    The outside of your home should look fresh and inviting. 'Curb Appeal' will invite potential buyers to come inside and take a look. Overgrown shrubs, bushes, and trees should be trimmed, grass regularly cut, toys and excess 'stuff' put away, and some beautiful plants or an attractive wreath added. In winter, ensure the driveway and pathways are clear and free of ice. Remove recycling/garbage bins from view and wipe down the front door, railings, and stairways.
  • 9Garages & Basements
    Donít forget the garage! Potential homebuyers will want to check out this area of your home too. Make sure it is neat and tidy.

Remember to downplay your homes weakness
and accentuate its strongest features.

Your home only has one chance to make a First Impression…
make it a great one!